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Integrated Control & Safety Systems



C&E designs, integrates and supplies High Integrity Emergency Shutdown systems (ESD) for mission critical applications such as Wellheads, FPSOs and Production Platforms. Systems are designed to TUV AK6(1002D) requirements with complete redundancy at controller, Power Supply , Communication and I/O .

The system architecture ensures very high levels of availability together with the highest levels of reliability required of safety instrumented systems. Advanced diagnostics ( more than 1000 are run every second) enable trouble shooting as well as predictive maintenance down to single I/O channels . Systems are designed to ensure that no single failure will bring the system down and cause production loss while ensuring that no UNSAFE failure will go undetected and endanger plant, equipment or life.
Input testing (open/short circuits) and protected outputs are standard. Sequence-of-Events can be resolved to within 1 or 3 mS depending on the hardware /software platform being used

Extensive Algorithm Library

Our standard algorithm library, evolved over many years of application experience enables easy implementation of Customers’ Safety Matrices. An optional TUV approved module is available which automatically interprets Cutomers’ C&E Matrix (in Excel format) into controller logic configuration.

Standard Features

  • TUV (AK6 SIL 3) approved Hardware
  • Redundant Controllers
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Intelligent Redundant I/O
  • Redundant Communications
  • IEC 1131-3 Compliant Configuration Software
  • High Availability
  • High Reliability
  • Advanced Diagnostics

Standard Features

  • Extensive Algorithm Library
  • High Speed Redundant Highway
  • Line Testing for Short and Open Circuits
  • Corrosion Protected
  • RFI & EMI Immunity
  • Input Isolation
  • Input Bypass/Maintenance
  • Over-ride via Matrix Panel or Graphical User Interface
  • Alarm Management
  • Sequential Events Recording (3ms resolution) Option
  • User Friendly HMI
  • Windows platform

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