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Wellhead Control Systems


Wellhead Control Panels

BOUSTEAD C&E Wellhead Control Panels and Systems monitor vital process safety parameters of a well head platform and provide safe and sequential start-up and shutdown of production wells as per design SAFE charts. Incorporating the know-how acquired over nearly 40 years of design and implementation expertise as well as feedback received from our esteemed clientele, our products are unmatched in quality of design, workmanship , accessibility and ease of maintenance.

Logic operation may be pneumatic (air/gas) or low pressure hydraulic generated within the panel. In line with current trends, and where reliable electric power is available, we offer programmable logic implemented using TUV AK6 (SIL 3) approved hardware/firmware. Wellhead shutdown systems are supplied with integrated or separate stand-alone or skid mounted hydraulic power units (HPUs) complete with redundant hydraulic pumps, accumulators and reservoirs. Facilities are available for remote monitoring and control of critical process parameters and shutdown valves from the process platform complex. Our well proven in-house capability & experience in high integrity electronic systems ensures a one-stop solution for the implementaion of advanced well testing & partial stroking features.

Standard Features

API 14B /14C Compliant Design
Adjustable Hydraulic Pressure
(S.I.T.P + 1000 psig)
Internally charged ESD loop
Adjustable Time Delay
Air or Natural Gas Operation
Sour Gas Operation Option
Manual Well Shut-in
External ESD Monitoring
Remote ESD/RTU Interface
Integrated or Separate Hydraulic Power
Unit with Manual Lever or Standby Hand pump
Modularized Multi-well Panels
Independent Opening/Closing
of Each Well
Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electronic Logic
Sequential Opening and Closing
of Valves under Equalized Conditions
FIRST-UP Audio Visual Alarm
Automatic Start-up Bypass for
Low Process Inputs
Manual By-Pass for All Inputs

Construction Features

The most durable and corrosion resistant materials are used throughout keeping in mind the difficult environmental conditions encountered on offshore platforms . The panels themselves are made of SS316L stainless steel , welded construction, with full-length hinged swing rear door arrangements with heavy-duty 3-point T-bar latch with handle and lock. Panels are self standing on an SS 316 channel/skid frame at the base to support all heavy components such as pumps, accumulators and reservoirs. Appropriate stiffeners are provided all around to prevent any buckling . All panel openings are laser-cut to ensure accuracy and smooth edges. Lifting eyes are provided to facilitate handling during transportation and installation. All panels are individually tested to meet NEMA 4X standards. Hydraulic cleanliness standards meet NAS 6 requirements as minimum. All twin ferrule compression fittings used meet the requirements of ASTM F 1387-99 (R2005) .

Download Wellhead Panel Catalog

Download Wellhead Panel Catalog

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